Apple acknowledges Glassgate by stopping sales of slider iPhone 4 cases

first_imgApple’s iPhone 4 has a revolutionary new design, but that design has arguably been more trouble than its worth. First, the iPhone 4’s antenna attenuation issues caused Cupertino the PR nightmare of the Antennagate debacle. Then, the glass backing of the white iPhone 4 caused light to leak into the camera sensor, causing Apple to indefinitely delay that model. Could it get any worse?Apparently so. According to Cult of Mac, Apple has halted its sales of slider-style cases for the iPhone 4 because of Glassgate… a problem with the iPhone 4’s glass-backed design that makes the iPhone 4 vulnerable to dirt, grit, dust and other particles to crack the back of the device when used with a slider case.AdChoices广告While the iPhone 4’s front glass panel is made of resilient Gorilla Glass, the same can’t be said for the back glass panel, which makes it more susceptible to damage. Apple is aware of the problem, and has ceased orders of all slider-style cases for the iPhone 4, including the latest iteration of the popular Mophie Juice Pack.“Glassgate is a real problem,” said an anonymous source speaking to Cult of Mac. “Apple is not approving slide-on cases right now for its stores.” On the other hand, maybe this is much ado about nothing, mixed with extreme wariness on Apple’s part to spark another Antennagate like public relations fiasco. According to one slide case manufacturer for the iPhone 4, he’s sold over 22,000 cases so far, and hasn’t heard a complaint from customers yet.Read more at Cult of Maclast_img

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