Zodiac mascot gift shop to make money

zodiac is a topic that people often mention, Zodiac mascot business opportunities are gradually being concerned about the business. Zodiac mascot gift shop? Many investors have tasted the sweetness. If you want to have a guaranteed investment business, choose the brand right.

annual sales call

open such a Zodiac mascot gift stores, investment of about 100 thousand yuan. Join fee to 20 thousand yuan, the other margin of $10 thousand, the first purchase of about 40 thousand ~ 80 thousand yuan, store rent and renovation costs are not included. Because of the regional agents to join the franchise, to ensure that the franchisee does not appear backlog of products after the purchase, so basically is the franchisee in the number of goods can sell many goods, basically half the time invested to return. Ms. Wang said that her store sales are growing year by year, as a result of the zodiac mascot buyers to government civil servants, business owners and white-collar based, so the customer base is relatively stable.

investment advice

because commodity characteristics store is focused on sales in year half time, the half idle operation form will cause unnecessary waste of cost. In view of the high level of consumer goods groups, the best choice for the store from the city center or business circle adjacent locations. In addition, for may "idle" in the first half of the store, can make full use of, the opening of the second business projects, to earn second gold.

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