Three major points to prevent thieves shop

now the society is very complex, a variety of things are likely to occur, the safety factor is an important aspect of many shopkeepers attention. Always, the shop is doing business is hard to live, a person to see the shop, there is no customer when the door is boring. Many bosses have the habit of lunch break, can not help but look at the store when dozing, if you do not do a good job guarding, perhaps a loss on the big sleep.

"world without Thieves" is just a good wish, open shop is an eternal topic. Summed up the following three points, as far as possible to avoid the occurrence of security risks.

one is to improve safety awareness. Always tighten the security string, not negligent, lost Jingzhou. Find people in suspicious appearance and movements to observe their behavior, prevent the occurrence of pilfering behavior.

two is the best look at more than two stores, once there is a special thing can also have a reference. What happened in the bathroom was often stolen.

three to maintain a high degree of vigilance. For some small shops, two or three people look at the shop is not realistic. Easy to make a summer storm, many bosses are afraid to delay doing business, will open the door to do business, a free time to take a nap, in fact, this practice is very dangerous. If you don’t hold back asleep, is likely to be criminals loopholes. Even if you fall asleep, the brain is not clear, wrong, money transfer is also very prone to wrong account, be. Really sleepy, wash a face, or for someone to look at the shop, and then do not shut the door to sleep for a while or not, do not open the door lunch break.

because if one careless shop into the thieves, causing huge losses, which will The loss outweighs the gain. So, if we set up shop to do business, we must do a good job of anti thief, so that the business will become more prosperous shop. So, the above Xiaobian introduced such three major points, will be helpful to your store management?

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