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did not consider the entrepreneurial students have been very rare, the number of college students in the past two years, the number of successful entrepreneurs began to climb slowly. Cultivating entrepreneurial talents and employment of two people will become the focus of employment in Colleges and universities to encourage students to entrepreneurship to promote employment.

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however, it is understood that the current entrepreneurship in the electronic commerce, open shop small business. Beijing municipal human resources and Social Security Bureau graduates employment department Liu Jingwei said in an online interview, Beijing university students to start with this, a large number of entrepreneurship less.

and the statistical data, a year ago with the entrepreneurial intention of students accounted for 3.2%, now increased to 6.4%, student entrepreneurship project, the most popular takeaway delivery.

enrollment and employment at the Beijing Forestry University career guidance center director Xu Bohan pointed out that the business too much impact on the employment rate of college graduates is not, the number of students of Beijing Forestry University to participate in the business also accounted for 2%-3% of the total, we still in a trial stage. After all, the success rate of college students is not high, entrepreneurial viability is not strong.

"from the location of our school, the current focus on the entrepreneurship of college students in education, rather than the pursuit of business or the increase in the number of recommended