Broadcast to want to give full play to the advantages of the need to have skills

broadcast for the store, I believe a lot of people are not unfamiliar, as long as entering the store, often hear a variety of radio. In short, in the store, a broadcast is a marketing. Excellent marketing selling is the attitude to be fast, accurate, to go to.

1996 WAL-MART settled in the Chinese market opened in Shenzhen, the first hypermarket, general manager of the store from the competition where there is a high salary to dig an announcer. It is said that those who listened to the announcer broadcast, every time they feel sweet memories! Sweet voice, accurate pronunciation, relaxed and natural tone, coherent and orderly promotional content…… Her radio broadcast, like listening to the people who are not only interested in promotional information, and even want to know a

herself. On the contrary, if the Announcer sounds stiff, jerky broadcasts out of order, I am sure you will frown, it will be a painful journey. That sounds like a bit of an exaggeration, but haven’t you had such an experience?

broadcast is a service platform, which serves both the market and the customer. Shopping malls should give full play to its advantages, so that the customer’s shopping trip to become a kind of enjoyment.

broadcasting also requires "technology" and "smart""!

technology, is the professional skills, such as broadcast skills, writing skills, etc.. In addition to the voice of the announcer, especially in the sky, but also need to have a higher overall quality, such as logic, language, organizational capabilities, etc.. In addition, broadcast content should be rich, diversified, not just a promotion, engage in activities, discount".

as "the mother’s day, for our mother to send a blessing, we together for mother wash feet! The New Mart four floor love health foot bath Thanksgiving special, original price 399 yuan / month, Thanksgiving price of 199 yuan / month, only three days oh! Please customers to buy." In this way, to remind customers to buy the news broadcast, the relationship between the business from a simple relationship between the sale and purchase to enhance the relationship between friends.

Qiao, is to study the customer’s shopping habits and clever use. For example, the research to the supermarket shopping customers you will find that the morning customers are mostly old people doing morning exercises or some housewives, this time to buy most of the food items, including fresh fruits and vegetables, rice oil, egg, milk and bread; lunch at noon and in the afternoon, cooked food, fast food, convenience the food and beverage purchase significantly.

the afternoon to go to the supermarket people basically have a leisure and play mentality, then deal with the high margin, experience and service of goods increased promotion, such as home appliances, mobile phone, digital toys, regional specialties; night out shopping is usually they will buy the whole family, old and young, the.