Micro business where the way out

said micro business, a lot of people are holding a kind of attitude of distrust, indeed, micro business is now operating a variety of products, and the quality is not guaranteed, so that people can not trust. This directly affects the development of the cause of the micro business, only to find a way out, only to be able to help more micro businesses are looking for their own way out. So, micro business where is the way out?

in the mobile electricity supplier, the micro business is currently the most noteworthy part of the group, the micro business is not WeChat electricity supplier, the essence of micro business should be to the platform, to the brand, aggregation of various social media business model.

2014 derivative, frequently become the crusade against the object, but also to be optimistic, in the Tencent supervision strengthened slowly, micro business also showed a good world, more people in the industry pointed out that 2015 will be the first year of micro business, micro big future. But the nature of the derivative mode is stretched, restricting on derivative.

First of all, the

C2C model is constrained by the problem of asymmetric information. The emergence of the Internet is to solve the problem of asymmetric information, so that goods information and prices become more transparent, which is the idea of Taobao electricity supplier, but also the biggest reason Taobao can grow.

micro business is also good in nature, but now the practice of demonized. Micro business should be settled in the brand side, through the entrance of the mobile Internet directly to consumers, consumers become closer. And now the so-called "derivative" parasitic Internet business, but in the opposite direction, so that information becomes asymmetric and opaque price, appear more hierarchical relationship.

second, market disruption derivative market dragons and fishes jumbled together. WeChat as a social product obviously can not let Tencent completely satisfied, so taxi, payment, commercial WiFi, micro shop, etc. are added as additional features. Micro stores like WeChat before 0, the basic cost of shop, without any threshold, resulting in the development of the micro store into a deviation of the situation. Tencent was originally wanted to create a similar Taobao C2C business model, supplemented by Jingdong pat and other B2C model, but now WeChat to bring the flow of Jingdong import minimal, basically can not bring any help.

once again, the attitude of Tencent micro business is always not clear. Although the current prevailing in the micro business, Tencent also introduced some regulatory measures, like friends limit number, ban set like, but the derivative of this "shear continuously, chaotic phenomenon has always existed, the Tencent has no clear ecological strategy, even if the derivative will usher in a new round of product quality, and for the service change, leaving the ship of Tencent, WeChat rare save.

This platform

derivative was born in WeChat, will be restricted platform and market, if the derivative of chaos in the move would be counterproductive.