Zheng Yaonan from security to billionaire entrepreneurs legend

each of us may want to venture it, thinking of how much money earn feeling, but few can really do, in fact, entrepreneurship is not great, no matter how you were born as you want to have success, want to say today is such inspirational story, a guy named Zheng Yaonan is a security guard. But now through entrepreneurship, billionaire!

1995, 20 year old Zheng Yaonan, then it is the floor when the spring breeze of reform. Zheng Yaonan from Fujian home with 500 dollars, went to Shenzhen. Only graduated from secondary school, he was able to find the first job is to do security at WAL-MART headquarters in China, the gatekeeper.

security when in the store, he carefully observe the learning of consumers buy things psychological research, the salesman is how to sell things, to study how the management of supermarket goods. When he knew that a little cosmetics can be sold to the 300’s, his heart is under tremendous impact, resolutely diverted to sales. Two years later, he quit his business, with their own hands of more than 20 thousand yuan, opened the first cosmetics store. A year later, it was 8.

second times during the 2009 financial crisis. Zheng Yaonan found that the domestic market is recommended