Education and training institutions to join the teacher taboo

in Chinese, each family has a huge potential demand for education investment products to join, join the industry at least making healthy education. Young teachers need to do the three taboos, education to join the industry there are many tips, the following I give you some useful tips.

first, education training institutions to join teachers avoid late

, a young teacher appointment, must not be regardless of her ability to work, whether to adapt to the changing role, it will be all the task to her head, wait until more mistakes on the job, parents reflect more and more strong, had hurried training, if so, will miss the good opportunity of training, education and training what is the teacher to join the organization? Even if the illness is heavy, nitrogen fertilizer, the effect is not obvious, because of shortcomings in work once deposition, scaling, cleaning cloth to completely new is not easy, moreover, with the increase of age, marriage, family, children follow problems, even if the teachers’ work enthusiasm is still studying business time and energy may not guarantee not so unitary, training of young teachers sooner rather than later, do not delay the timing.

two, education training institutions to join teachers avoid using

education and training institutions to join the teacher what taboo? Although the old teacher has rich teaching experience, worthy check task, but if the key positions, always let the teacher in the young teachers but also long experience, increase the talent, rapid growth, so the young teachers should dare to reuse, even if they are in turn during the occasional mishap, managers do not have either immediately changed their mind. Besides, young teacher checks may not be as good as my old teacher garden there are a lot of teachers in a green hand, served as the research group leader, take open class, preparing the team leader, sent to the countryside to teach the teaching task, the knife heads, the new concept, motivation, daring to try, made the old teacher convinced parents praised the good performance of the young teachers’ use of bold, can promote their rapid growth, also can bring vitality to the kindergarten.

three, education training institutions to join teachers avoid overweight

education and training institutions to join the teacher what taboo? Although the young teachers’ ability, plasticity, give them to moderate working pressure is possible, it should be, but if you give them the burden, it is likely to be counterproductive, art education is essential, seeking good, looking for ways to get good results, vigorously promote the implementation of quality education today, this is particularly important, in the information age, knowledge update, everyone must continue to charge, to keep up with the pace of the times, so I park for young teachers generally arrange their new posts with experienced teachers with class, they do not necessarily require independent classes, so that they have enough time to study.