Choose the cake shop address should be where

        cake shop to choose what good? After these years of promotion, many people are very interested in the cake shop, I believe your choice, cake shop has a large development space, less cost, return to the fast, easy operation can make a good project. Let’s get to know.

        now the cake shop is very popular, a cake shop is a good choice! But a cake shop is not a trifling matter, shop location selection is very important, as the saying goes: "to shop, location is the key." Famous cake shop siting requirements of "downtown", stores to open in the city’s leisure walking street, commercial area, office intensive area downtown area is 80 square meters, can store two room.

        but the shop is busy, the rent is too high, therefore, recommended to choose the popular residential area, near the school, where rent is affordable, not too much, there are 30 to 50 square meters is enough. In the shop decoration, famous cake shop will arrange uniform decoration and design, will assist the stores like Ganso the choice of shops, store decoration design and construction work. For running the cake shop, all have their own to do, suggested the following points: name and sign in the decoration should be chosen in the bright picture gives the visual temptation, let more people see the pictures have a desire to buy.

        color with light. Ganso pink is a good example of decoration, gives a warm feeling, do not use such a deep black color. Use daylighting better glass do exterior wall. First of all, the customer can look at the store’s cake and other food, no doubt made an image advertising. Secondly, the glass wall is easy to clean.

        how to choose a cake shop? Through the introduction of the above, I believe you have a lot of understanding, what are you still hesitating? Hurry up, there’s more information for you.

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