Hong Kong style milk tea and tea table

domestic market has a status of tea brand is mainly two: Hong Kong style milk tea and table milk tea. We all know that this is the Taiwan and Hongkong milk tea, each with its own regional characteristics, but also have their own brand style. So how much do you know about these two milk tea, do you know what they are? If you do not know Xiaobian for you:

Hong Kong style milk tea:

in the early medieval period, British pop up a cup of tea in the wind, and a marriage of Spanish politics in a number of Black Tea dowry, to Spain, the Spanish Royal Milk Bank, appeared again in the tea with milk drink and back to the British royal family in Britain the royal family swept up.

during the period of colonial Britain in Hongkong, the "English tea" is introduced to Hongkong, Hongkong people have the habit of drinking tea, but not in the habit of "English tea" is too light taste, so the boss part of good insight into business opportunities in the restaurant first carries on the transformation to the "English tea", increase the taste of tea, in on the basis of the development of Hongkong is more suitable for the tastes of tea, and ultimately the formation of tea flavor, taste more mellow "Hot Tea, HK Style", and imported from Guangdong, the Chinese.

Hong Kong style milk tea and desktop tea origin

table milk tea:

it is well known that Taiwan culture is greatly influenced by Japan, and Japanese tea culture is also very famous in the world. In the peaceful period after World War II, Asian countries / regions gradually restore trade and exchange, the Japanese tea culture has gradually spread to Taiwan.


around the local customs, Taiwan tea is not popular, but is very popular dessert, so the local people began to try to add various desserts in tea drinking, through continuous attempts, eventually to join all kinds of sweet synthetic agent and milk protein and other substances (after gradually evolved into what vegetable fat at the end of the has been recognized by everyone).

table milk tea is different from Hong Kong style milk tea, its production method is relatively simple, the process is not too high requirements. The current market popular desktop tea tea soup, generally by planting a fat and fructose, while low-end by instant powder according to the proportion of drinking and.


above is the editor of Hot Tea, HK Style desktop and the origin of tea brand introduction, of course, if you have this kind of tea shop idea, please give us a message on our website below, we can provide more tea brand investment for you, for your reference.

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