2016 Shanghai food chain franchise and Digital Management Exhibition

exhibition time: August 25, 2016 -27

exhibition venue: Shanghai New International Expo Center (Longyang Road 2345)

approved unit: Shanghai Municipal Commission of Commerce  

sponsor: China International Hotel Industry Committee

organizer: Shanghai New Exhibition Service Co., Ltd.

co organizer: Shanghai cuisine cooking industry association


as the market competition intensifies, the new modern catering enterprises will continue to appear. Chinese international hotel industry committee, Shanghai new trace Exhibition Services Ltd, Shanghai Gehua jointly organized the "2016 Shanghai restaurant franchise and Digital Management Exhibition" (hereinafter referred to as "FBIC") as the largest China catering franchise industry exhibition, will be held August 2016 25-27, held in Shanghai New International Expo center. At home and abroad, the majority of exhibitors, the strong support of the industry, has made considerable progress, the industry has become the industry’s largest franchise chain, exhibiting the best industry event. There are more than and 600 companies are expected to participate in the exhibition, the audience will be more than 50000 professional visitors.

The only professional catering Franchise Exhibition

China International Hotel Industry Committee focus on building, with 6 successful exhibition experience and professional team, is currently the Chinese restaurant franchise industry’s largest brand exhibition. A total of more than 1800 brands, more than 300000 venture capital elite exhibition, the successful expansion of 800000 seed franchisee. In the past 6 years, the scale of the exhibition has been growing at an annual rate of about 32%, with more than 80% mainstream brands and famous enterprises in the catering chain. Exhibition with its unique professional, authoritative, standardized to win the public good reputation and active participation. As a major engine of development of the industry exhibition, the organizing committee will be based on the summary of previous exhibitions on the successful experience, give full play to the Shanghai market advantage, great integration of resources, expand publicity, organizing various supporting activities, a high standard, high standard, high efficiency as the starting point, close to the market, service customers, strengthen the enterprise and government, association media and communication between entrepreneurs, exchanges and cooperation, the development of multi-level market for exhibitors to build an international platform for the promotion of domestic brands.

exhibitors range

– Chinese restaurant: the restaurant chain, restaurant, fast food Hot pot.

– western restaurant chain catering enterprises: Japanese cuisine, Korean bibimbap etc..

– fashion drinks: coffee, tea, restaurant chain, sweets, drinks, tea bar etc..


features: chicken, duck, famous local flavor, flavor delicacy, special snack products, halal food etc..


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