New era of big data innovation alliance settled in Chengdu

positive response to the national call "public business, a person of noble aspirations highly innovative many, embrace a cavity blood himself, to create their own business. Now according to the present situation of this policy and social innovation alliance, the establishment of a new era of big data, at the same time to settle down in Chengdu behind, the following Xiaobian together and know the details.

7 15, China smart city big data innovation alliance in Chengdu high tech Zone inaugurated. The alliance will build a smart city related enterprises and institutions to develop collaborative innovation platform, talent market cooperation, promote innovation, big data applications in the smart city construction, the development of standards and lead the domestic smart city big data standardization and technology, industry and promote the application of big data technology.


alliance is a smart city related big data enterprises, research institutions and social organizations composed of collaborative innovation, technology promotion organization, has absorbed Chinese including Academy of Sciences Institute of computing technology, University of Southern California, HUAWEI, digital and other well-known institutions and enterprises to join.

in the process of economic development, since the reform and opening up, we have made a series of remarkable achievements. The new era of big data innovation alliance settled in Chengdu, Chengdu for the transformation of enterprises and sustainable development of innovation and entrepreneurship, have injected a steady stream of vitality, is very practical significance.

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