Preliminary analysis of the problem of open shop

not all girls want to open a flower shop to make money, in fact, the preparation of a florist shop is relatively simple, the cost is not high, mainly in the rental problem and the problem of decoration on the foot.

for regular purchase of raw materials of the flow of funds of about 1000 yuan. The characteristics of the small shop is a one-time investment and the daily operation of the fund is not large, a daily sales of 400 – $500 florist, only a day to supplement the 200 – 300 yuan of wood.

these plus two to three employees, the wage payment, pruning tools such as packing kettle, sponge, scissors, flower, wire, ribbon, wrapping paper, candles, a total of about 20000 yuan.

off-season less customers. The off-season is a major test of the flower shop every year, if you can not find a new sales channel in the off-season, to maintain a certain amount of customers, then the last few months it is difficult to get over the florist.

Business strategy:


is the foundation of the floral design shop. The florist business secret is the florist sell not only flowers, and more is to provide a high level of floral works and floral design services for consumers. If the flower shop is just a simple flower dressing, or that the flower shop selling flowers, only to fight the price, then the competitiveness of the store will be greatly reduced. As recommended

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