Lighter ten brands list

as long as smoking, it will naturally be applied to lighter products, the current number of smokers in the market so much, so that a large number of lighters market brand. So, lighter which brand is good? Let Xiaobian for your detailed analysis of the lighter ten brands list, so that you can have a better choice.

lighters ten brands list: Zippo Zippo NO.1, founded in 1932 in the United States, one of the world’s largest gas can be used for lighter manufacturers, ten lighter brand, Hongkong Biji Co. ltd..

lighters ten brands list: Dupont S.T.Dupont NO.2, founded in 1872 in France, the world’s top brands, the world eminent persons supplies, ten lighter brand, the French Dupont (S.T.Dupont) company.

lighters ten brands list NO.3, Xinhai XINHAI: national protection of trademark, the famous trademark of Zhejiang Province, Zhejiang province famous brand, high-tech enterprises, the national standard drafting unit, Ningbo Xinhai electrical Limited by Share Ltd.

lighters ten brands list: Dunhill Dunhill NO.4, founded in 1893 in Britain, the world famous luxury brand, brand design / specialized in leather making, Dunhill (Dunhill) company.

lighters ten brands list NO.5, Tiger: won the national Chinese brand, trademark protection, one of the most powerful production enterprises China lighter industry, Zhejiang famous trademark, Zhejiang tiger lighter Co. ltd..

lighters ten brands list, NO.6 Star Star: founded in 1988, the national protection of trademarks, brand-name products in Wenzhou, one of the most valuable brands in the industry, Wenzhou City Star smoking set co..

lighters ten brands list NO.7, Oriental Tungfong: won the Chinese famous brand, Zhejiang famous brand, Zhejiang famous trademark, Sino foreign joint ventures, one of Wenzhou’s largest Yanju enterprise, Wenzhou Oriental lighter factory Co. ltd..

lighters ten brands list NO.8, HSBC RIFENG: Ten lighter brand, one of the industry leading enterprises, set the development, production and sales of the modern enterprise, Wenzhou RiFeng lighter Co. ltd..

lighters ten brands list NO.9, WANSHIFA: national trademark protection, professional design, development and manufacture of lighters and household appliances enterprises, well-known brands, Cixi Lighter Industry Co. ltd..

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