Zhengzhou’s first intercontinental non stop flight to Vancouver is only 3600 meters

with the rapid development of economy, our aviation industry has also ushered in the great development, a series of traffic facilities have been greatly improved, for people’s lives to travel more convenient. A 3600 meter short runway will be able to connect the Inland Henan with distant canada. It is understood that the Zhengzhou to Vancouver route on its maiden voyage in November 11th, twice a week, this route will become the first transcontinental flights departing Zhengzhou.

this year, Zhengzhou Xinzheng International Airport passenger and freight development into the fast lane, has been opened in Zhengzhou to the United Arab Emirates, Rome and other international and regional flights or charter flights. In November this year, Sichuan airlines will open Zhengzhou – Vancouver flights, the flight to fill the gaps in Zhengzhou airport departure without intercontinental non-stop flights.

Zhengzhou – Vancouver flight time is: Zhengzhou – Vancouver flight number 3U8501, Zhengzhou airport departure time is 13:25 (Beijing time), 8:35 arrived in Vancouver (local time). Vancouver – Zhengzhou flight number 3U8502, Vancouver departure time is 10:25 (local time), 15 arrived in Zhengzhou (Beijing time).

Sichuan Airlines representatives in October 11th revealed that the Zhengzhou – Vancouver maiden flight date in November 11th, week 2, 5 fly, to celebrate the interstate route opened, Sichuan Airlines launched 11-12 in 2016 for special offer tickets.

would you like to go on a trip to Vancouver? Want to experience the local customs and practices? Want to enjoy the beauty of foreign food? The first transcontinental flights departing Zhengzhou easy to fulfill your dreams. The economy class ticket for the special offer: November N class one-way 700 yuan (RMB, same below), and from 1000 yuan; R class one-way 900 yuan, from 1200 yuan in December; N class one-way 1100 yuan from 1400 yuan; R class one-way 1200 yuan, from 1600 yuan. Business class: J class one-way 10000 yuan from 15000 yuan, scheduled 28 days in advance; J class one-way 12000 yuan from 17000 yuan, 14 days ahead of the scheduled.

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