Qiantang River noodle join advantage

rice and wheat are the two main grain varieties in China. The southerners prefer rice and the northerners prefer wheat. But now there seems to be no great regional differences in diet, pasta and rice has become a staple food. Alone in terms of wheat, flour, a variety of pasta turns to play. Let them eat chowhound.

China is one of the countries in the world to grow wheat, eating noodles has become an important part of our traditional food culture, different pasta cuisine is a very good proof. Pasta thousands of flavor, popular all over the world, in the restaurant for the hot, in China, people have always been very particular about eating, China is known as the kingdom of cooking". In this glorious diet culture, pasta products are particularly dazzling. Thirty-eight pasta dishes, this unique Chinese delicacy, multitudinous flavors, tempting the appetite on both sides of the Changjiang River. Pasta as a representative of the characteristics of food and beverage, should be welcomed by the market at present. Qiantang River noodle shop to join the company is a very distinctive brand, so how to join? Today Xiaobian analyze.

Qiantang River joined the company how to join


, the first thirty-eight Qiantang River noodle, transparent operation, health visible, sold to a pan, eat more pasta is not only lead a person to endless aftertastes!, a hundred figure delicacy of effort and dedication, meet all the individual taste! Raw materials nearby dishes more fresh, the purchasing cost is lower, the more, earn more in thirty-eight! Qiantang River noodle shop cooperation, more new products, continuous suction guarantees, a variety of delicacy complementary pin.

second, thirty-eight Qiantang River noodle operation of the company many times by the local government, China consumer media and other units alike, has been named the China Cuisine Association of Chinese cuisines, Chinese restaurant brand, the national green food enterprises, the consumer trustworthy name assured shop, catering units, investment trust companies etc. the honorary title.

Henan Ding things Catering Management Limited thirty-eight Qiantang River noodle brand after years of brewing, more than and 10 years experience in the operation of stores, to more in-depth understanding Chinese pasta products, more accurate positioning, thirty-eight Qiantang River noodle join headquarters in store operations on the formation of a mature operation management system.

thirty-eight Qiantang River noodle company set catering management, catering training, production and delivery of more than one mode of development, and a material distribution base, equipped with rival well-known high-end catering, polished these years, Henan Ding business catering Management Co. Ltd have led Chinese pasta restaurant industry strength.

third, good market prospects. The catering industry is the everlasting unique development potential and the stability of the industry, the National Bureau of statistics 2011 statistics, China catering >

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