Shop image management to enhance the performance of the following points to note

of course, in addition to the quality of the shopping guide staff, the other thing is to pay attention to the store image. Store image management is one of the important factors that affect the performance of the store, the focus is to enhance the image of the store and the professional quality of staff.

1 stores, shop signs. The mark is a shop to the customer to show their name card, Gao Zhenkun for many years engaged in store sales management training, in-depth to the enterprise customer internal inspection process, often find some terminal shops in the background wall, logo wall and glass curtain wall hanging freely post other goods, affects the store’s overall appearance. You know, mark as the human face, only clean image can obtain others’ favor, for the shop, too.

2, display cabinet. The overall image of the store consists of all items in the store, the display cabinet as the majority of stores occupy the space items must be consistent with the overall image of the store design style. The knowledge which involves color collocation, different colors to bring people different feelings to store, combined with their own actual situation, for example, considering the nature of the product, customer type color positioning, so as to meet customer demand, bring the comfortable body visual inspection. Of course, the shape of the display cabinet is also within the scope of the design.

3, audio.

4, light. Store lighting design, merchandise and store shopping atmosphere also has a certain impact, to pay special attention to the light and shade of light, too bright or too dark will affect the display of goods. Store lighting design should adhere to the principle of not leaving the lighting, while doing a good lighting with different products with different lighting performance. To highlight the focus of local goods, the performance of the material texture and other effects.

5, merchandise display.

two, stores the image design principles of

now any business on the market, the terminal stores are beyond count, how many stores in talent shows itself? Here are six principles:

1, the overall appearance principle of

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