To share the experience of women’s investment projects


brand is numerous, but women join has been very hot, because this industry is a profitable industry, how to properly operate, when meet all kinds of people, how can we better use color to mark the character for all of us? These are very important, so we in the daily operation that must be able to know, two or three line brand project inside how to use color coded character.

analysis of the so-called character color, is based in psychology, the red, green, yellow, blue 4 colors as the 4 types of people, different colors corresponding to different personalities, they in the purchase of furniture, will have different performance.

Here is a brief description of the 4 colors of the human


1. red – the happy driver. The red character of the people, the motivation to do things to a large extent in order to happiness, happiness is the biggest driving force. They are positive, optimistic, good at play to their strengths, to show its charm, the fiery red sun exudes a warm light, their own love, and good at communication.

2. blue – the best performer. Blue character, like the deep sea. These people are more concerned with building and maintaining a lasting relationship. They do things like stick to principles, treat their friends with loyalty, and are willing to understand, care and communicate in the ideological level.

3. yellow – influential conductor. Their deep drive comes from the realization and completion of goals. They generally have a forward-looking vision and leadership, usually have a strong sense of responsibility, decision-making and self-confidence.

4. – Green Peace promoters. People with a green character, its essence is the pursuit of harmony and stability, self effacing, try to avoid edge. They are tolerant and are usually very friendly, high transparency, strong adaptability, is a good listener.

no two identical leaves in the world, is not the same character, not the same as the character to use a different mode of operation, different people will have different ways to treat, so when we guests into the store, must be able to quickly know the guest is what color, and then in the search, how to better deal with these people, this is very important, we can not miss it.

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