Join the Wushan fish need to have these join conditions

Now the wedding banquet

marriage is almost always held in the hotel, comfort and peace of mind. And on the banquet table necessary a set of dishes, that is fish. Fish pure taste delicious, rich in nutrition by consumers.

Wushan roast fish flavor, Tang sehong bright, spicy but not dry, crispy skin, tender meat, has a unique flavor and rich material Jiao Xiangwei, lead a person to endless aftertastes eat a hundred tire. In the playback of thousands of years of diet culture at the same time, also lead the new fashion of modern fish. The cooking spices are used in baking process of pure natural medicinal materials, fine, effectively prevent caused by low or high temperature on fish nutrition loss, so that the fish nutrition play to maximize the children of men, the efficacy of gluten bone health, has won the trust of consumers.

Wushan grilled fish join

Wushan fish flavors: dozens of varieties of fish flavor, spicy flavor, spicy, pickled fish flavor, taste, flavor, taste pickled beans, curry, hot and sour taste. Spicy enough to hold up half the sky of the fish alone. The spicy type of cooking fish, delicate texture, spicy flavor, salty and spicy sweet and refreshing fragrance, fat but not greasy, select more than and 40 kinds of herbs and spices, combining modern nutrition and cooking theory by scientific method of modulation, such as the selection of raw materials with good taste and contains a variety of amino acids, can be the fresh fish and fresh eat a hundred tire.

join conditions:

1, according to the company’s standard management principles, and consciously safeguard the "Wushan grilled fish" brand image.

2, self owned operating space, business area shall not be less than 100 square meters, non own stores of the franchisee, the lease period of not less than three years.

3, join the party honest and trustworthy, familiar with the location of the food and beverage market, and the competent authorities.

4, the location of the store should have a certain scale and level of consumption, the best place to operate in the more prosperous urban streets, convenient transportation, with a certain amount of traffic or potential consumption targets.

5, with a certain economic strength, there are no less than 200 thousand yuan of specific investment plans.

6, in order to ensure the unity of the product and service quality, the company shall have the right to supervise the business activities of the franchisee.

7, stores must be unified according to the requirements of accounting records, accounting statements provided by the headquarters unified.

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