Open snack bar don’t step on these minefields

is the management effect of industry to join the snack is very influential, its popularity is ineffable. But in the snack to join the beginning always made mistakes, because a lack of experience, the snack business minefield will inevitably step on one foot, so Xiaobian to introduce everyone may have those entrepreneurial taboos, hope to join entrepreneurs can effectively avoid.

first, a lot of snack shops in all aspects of business to do very well, such as the products of high quality and inexpensive, and thoughtful service, but later on recognition, although a good start is very important, but also can not cop-out". Not because the shop just opened, want to attract more customers, give customers a certain concessions, to achieve the purpose of customer in the course of time after the cold phase, because it is not conducive to cultivating loyal customers, long-term development and this way is not conducive to the store, so the investment of snack bar, is in the business of "taboo".

second, some shops in order to attract more consumers, will do some false publicity and advertising to deceive consumers, in fact, for the development of the shop is very bad, the store will not go far, good information is truthful advertising display products to customers, the only way the snack bar in order to gain a firm foothold in the fierce market competition, rewarding.

then, and the snack shop do not attach importance to staff training, the image is relatively poor, give consumers a very good impression, in the course of time, the consumer loss rate is very serious, so the snack shop operators, attention must be paid to the clerk instrument correct, the normal behavior, so as to better serve consumers.

sum up, food stores in operation still need to pay attention to many taboos, only aware of these, can be more conducive to the development of the shop.

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