How to help Bazhong E commerce

With the advent of the

Internet era, e-commerce has been developing rapidly, many places in order to promote the rapid development of the local economy, ready to use the momentum of e-commerce, and constantly develop their own. Last September, Bazhong city’s first rural electricity supplier service shop put into operation in Wenchang Tongjiang County village green Bath Township, which is a major node to develop the city’s e-commerce industry, is an important achievement to implement precise poverty alleviation planning business. The rural electricity supplier, achieve industrial countryside and agricultural town business platform, now in Bazhong blossom everywhere, a strong impetus to poverty. So, how to help Bazhong e-commerce?

government drives

electricity supplier into the fast lane

The rapid development of

e-commerce is changing the traditional mode of production, circulation and people’s way of life, and promote economic and social development. From the perspective of development, Bazhong e-commerce in the government’s boost, into the development of the fast lane".

2015 in May, Bazhong city issued "on accelerating the development of electronic commerce" (Pakistan government issued 2015 Document No. 9), proposed to vigorously implement the whole enterprise network "national net" and "rural electricity providers into three major projects. Strive to 2017, Bazhong e-commerce transactions exceeded 20 billion, the construction of the electricity supplier of the village, the 1000 shop; in 2020, the city’s e-commerce transaction volume exceeded 40 billion, built a total of 1000 electricity supplier village, the 10000 shop.

this year, Bazhong city again, completed the "Bazhong City e-commerce development plan (2016–2020)", clearly pointed out that the future will become the Bazhong construction "in the northeast and the Qinba region Internet plus e-commerce" green industry eco economic zone.

series of documents issued, Bazhong has set the development of e-commerce in the development of ideas, goals and schedule.

around this strategic goal, the mayor of Bazhong was established as a leader, deputy leader of the city in charge of promoting the development of e-commerce work leading group. Subsequently, Bazhong city has also issued the "notice" the 2015 annual electronic commerce work assessment, requested the county set up to promote the development of electronic commerce coordination mechanism, formulated to promote the development of electronic commerce of the specific programs and measures, decomposition of tasks, a clear responsibility to strengthen the supervision and examination of funny hard to establish a set of strict, scientific and feasible electronic business development assessment methods, included in the municipal government annual target assessment.

"we insist on government guidance, enterprise, social participation, encourage innovation principle, combining with the market investment and policy of investment, actively to the ministries and agencies for the electronic commerce in rural counties conducted

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