Enlightenment on the road of entrepreneurship

in today’s business on the road, some people have succeeded, and some entrepreneurs are trying, at the same time, also can see, actually still need to continue to start to insist, can finally see the results.

at the farm gate after strict disinfection, I walked into Li Zhichun’s office, through the electronic display, I saw a tall house neatly arranged, pig is full of pig fat, thousands of pigs in a pen is composed of iron fence, you rob me to eat drink two. Each pigsty are equipped with automatic feed tank, feed tank are installed beside the automatic drinking water device, connected through the water pipe, all-weather water supply for the pig. Pig arch mouth to water head out with a bite of water directly into the mouth; in addition, a pigsty and air conditioning, wet curtain fan, exhaust fan, power feed equipment etc..

"how well have pig, pig baby hot blowing air, tired to drink drinking water, life is very beautiful!" Li Zhichun said proudly. In fact, so he is most proud of is the year before completion of the air conditioning delivery room, the sow piglet can advance into the delivery room. Air conditioning delivery room benefits, clean sanitation, good insulation properties, high survival rate of piglets.

said pig benefit, Li Zhichun with "mixed" to summarize. The joy is recommended

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