A new special purchases for the Spring Festival stocking

2017 Spring Festival is coming, but also to the big shop crazy stocking time, however, how to stock is a scientific stocking, has become a problem plagued many shopkeepers. Here, small shopkeepers to you have new ideas stressed: special purchases for the Spring Festival stocking. When it comes to my shop this year that the new special purchases for the Spring Festival, non Beijing and crisp fruit is the Jingwu duck neck.

say this is not just because the peers are not selling these two things, or more because they both sell for sale; to appear in the form of special purchases for the Spring Festival I shop, this is the first time the There was no parallel in history. The reason I let them become a member is derived from the special purchases for the Spring Festival, a sales experience last year before the spring festival.

is the last day of the morning before the Spring Festival, Wang came to the store customer suddenly asked me if I had to sell fruit and crisp Jingwu duck neck in Beijing, I get no reply. Wang asked if I could help him to Beijing the Jingwu duck neck and crisp fruit to buy 20 bags, because he was in a hurry to buy to give. Also because feel strange, so I asked Wang: there are so many gifts for you to choose, why do you choose this rare and crisp fruit Beijing Jingwu duck neck give? To say that this is not good, a really amazing question.

said: this year because he chose crisp fruit as Beijing Jingwu duck neck and give a gift, because he felt that the market to buy gifts are too old, almost every year is that a few things, so this year he wanted to change the "taste". Two this is because he wants to buy something, is as a gift to some in the field of his friend, and Beijing and crisp fruit and Jingwu duck is a specialty of Wuhan, so for him to send these things is new and better able to express his mind a……


estimate is our answer to this question and deepens the idea that Wang would like to buy them. This is not, in the end of this speech, Wang and asked whether we can help him to buy these two things, but also because it is really embarrassed to refuse, so I will give it to the promised down. So, there is a later we were to find help Wang Jingwu duck neck Jing Guo scene and crisp.

fortunately, after a search, we end up in the vicinity of a wholesale food market, for all he wanted to buy Wang Jingwu duck neck and crisp fruit beijing. Of course, because there are some words that Wang’s last year, so this year when I was ready to also Shundaizhao special purchases for the Spring Festival, got some fruit and cakes Beijing Jingwu duck neck.


is the first to sell such special purchases for the Spring Festival their sales prospects, but I’m still quite confident, because I see more "Wang" is the "emergence".

so, it’s not easy to see what products are selling well in the past, but the market is changing constantly

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