Do business to be good at becoming a specialty

only if you are running a shop, not what kinds of characteristics, the competition in the current social background of it is too intense, want to open a shop is facing more competition pressure. So, if we want to do a good job, we need to be good at turning into a special feature, so as to attract more consumers.

department store is located in Shandong Qingdao Ji Long Laixi City Cultural Road terminal, belonging to the community. There are large shopping malls, banks, hospitals and pharmacies, lots better. Due to the small store, the product variety is not complete, with the surrounding large supermarket competition some difficulty. How can ability make business flourishing? The boss was a headache Weiguo history. Later, with the surrounding area residents in the conversation, the history of Weiguo realize the truth: hunger breeds discontentment.

The history of

Weiguo early learned cooking, usually love to make a table of delicious meals for the family in the kitchen, occasionally also about a few friends at home together, wash hands. Due to the surrounding office workers are more, sometimes looking at the early morning rush to go to work in a hurry to pass by, and even complain that even too late to eat breakfast.

The history of

Weiguo wondering: since I love cooking, why not fully play out? Anyway, I made breakfast for my family is doing, do a few copies of it! Do Weiguo history to the relevant departments for the catering business required documents, start NiuDao, make a pot family eat tea eggs, and Soybean Milk and Deep-Fried Dough Sticks. Beans and flour are given by their relatives, to ensure safety.

, however, how to sell, so that everyone knows? Shi Weiguo in their own way, each time a customer to buy things, will be the pot tea aroma attracted neighbors chatted with time, also please taste. Thus, free human propaganda on the. We pass ten, ten pass 100, quickly surrounding the workers know the Dragon records department store boss every morning to sell breakfast, clean and nutritious, but also delicious key.

today’s office workers eat out of the outside world is countless, and because of the fast pace of life, convenience has become an important factor in many people consider. In this way, more and more people come here, buy a few things more and more customers. Shi Weiguo Han Han smiled: "I think, my expertise into the store features!"

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