How much is the sad jiamengfei

sad? In the catering market, not only has a high popularity, but also to join the project is still very sad, with the strength of the brand to join the project choice. If you are sad, to join the project is very interested, so, what are you waiting for?


venture to choose the project, we must be careful to choose a good project to join, you can help the group to start their own easy. Joining fee is a key factor in the selection of the project to consider, the small entrepreneurs do not have so much money, it is necessary to choose a relatively small number of projects to join. Sad jiamengfei sad how many money? Join in cost less than a million, to meet the requirements of small entrepreneurs, entrepreneurial choice is very good.

sad to special very hot pepper in the production, so spicy mouth up, Ma was the tongue: the head of wood smoke, forehead sweating, nasal itching, tears rolled straight, you eat very sad, but food is memorable. Sad is delicious slowly made a reputation, has been recognized by everyone, now to the store to eat jelly particularly, whenever the door will be lined up.


sad fame spread like wildfire, founder Yang Ming Changchun received a couple of phone calls, the other requirements to open stores in Changchun, asking how much sad jiamengfei. Coincidentally, a Lanzhou steel business owners also came to the door, to sell sad. There is not much psychological preparation, two stores in foreign markets to take root.

sad why so popular, it is because they have two cheats two unique secrets, that is Chili oil and salty sauce. Chili oil after special treatment, unique flavor, spicy taste enough. Sad without soy sauce and vinegar, but with salty sauce recipe concocted, its unique taste is not imitate the other shop.

How much is the

sad jiamengfei? As long as 10000 yuan can. Want to succeed buddy attention, sad investment is in progress, hurry!

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