Dream partner tells the story of women entrepreneurs Chen Yao Tang Yan with the field of the same

along with China’s overall social entrepreneurial atmosphere is increasingly strong, life can be seen everywhere related to the little bit of entrepreneurship. A story about the entrepreneurial story movie dream partner will be released, many stars are not the same interpretation of entrepreneurial experience.

by "you come from the stars" director Zhang Taiwei’s inspirational film "dream" partner following the scheduled April 29th, today issued a "business alliance" character posters, all creative officially became a venture partner. The poster title "salted fish" concept, passing out small figure times to hold on to your dreams. The seven main characters of the LED respectively or in the hustle and bustle of downtown, or psychedelic City, quiet and comfortable or different scenes, the poster on the bill represents the pursuit of their entrepreneurial dreams, also staged a drama in the film the gold rush. In addition, with Li Chen, the role of the relationship between the first opening of the tip of the iceberg of the relationship between Aaron Kwok.

the "business alliance" version of the role of the poster of well-being is divided into two colors, meaning different personalities. Chen Yao, Tang Yan, Lei Hao three female holding dollar bills, domineering exposed. At the same time, male character expression with profound meaning. Aaron Kwok handsome appearance, full professor style, Li Chen holding the bill, a face of "I’m rich" funny face; Wang Yibo in the library, the University turned Curve Wrecker, Jin Shengzhu stood at the bar stage, the singer revealed his identity.

in the great age of the little   Chen Yao led "salted fish"

It is reported that

movie "dream partner" from the moment of money and dreams will be bold in juxtaposition, by Chen Yao, Tang Yan, Lei Hao three representative figures, the depth of analysis of the subtle relationship of money and dream. In addition, with other entrepreneurial films recommended

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