How to open sports equipment store

by the summer Olympic Games, all the people involved in the discussion, to stimulate a lot of people’s sports passion, and now the investment in sports equipment store? Businesses are concerned about this information. How to open a sports equipment store? The problem is not very clear to the merchant to look at it.

Compared to

and the past, now sporting goods are very rich, appeared constantly refined, the trend of specialization. In general, investors can determine the scope of business from two paths. First, the establishment of a single brand stores. For example, only Nike or Adidas products. The full range of goods can include sports clothing, shoes, socks, hats, bags, and various sports accessories and sports equipment;

prerequisties: 60000 investment shop area of eighty square meters

funds to open a sporting goods store, especially the main push of the international top sports brand stores, the investment amount can not be too small. The first is the stock, according to the general retail price, the first purchase amount reached 500 thousand yuan (the actual payment of the purchase price is lower than this number); followed by the overall decoration, including equipment shelves, telephone, checkout equipment etc.. Spend about 17 – $180 thousand: third is the rent, this part of the expenditure will be based on the location of the city, the region, the lot. According to estimates, a small city in Jiangsu and Zhejiang area, a 60 square metre (it is understood that most of the current brand stores in the area of 80 square meters, 120 square meters of the main store shops) annual rent ranging from 13 to 140 thousand yuan, more than about 200000 yuan. The Shanghai area, the urban rental prices are very high, in the more remote areas of Songjiang to reach 200 thousand yuan. In addition, investors also need to have a few million liquidity. Preliminary calculation, the total investment should be between 70 and 800 thousand yuan.

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