What is the ABC inventory management method

as long as the business is in kind, naturally need to focus on inventory, however, how to manage inventory, which makes many operators worry. And I shop for 6 years, the experience of the past 6 years to tell me, do a good job in inventory management is an important part of the store merchandise sales.

remember a while ago, tight supply cannot meet, unreasonable inventory occupy a lot of money has been bothering me. Once I came to the area manager, client manager taught me to learn the ABC inventory management method.

so-called ABC inventory management method, is to manage all varieties in proportion to the size of the funds allocated to be divided into three categories ABC to manage. A class is refers to the former 5 capital occupies a higher proportion of varieties, the characteristics of the category is the number of varieties less, occupy a larger fund and the majority of high-grade cigarette; B refers to the share capital ratio between 5 ~ 10 varieties, the category feature is the proportion of the total amount of funds accounted for 25% ~ 35%, accounting for the proportion of moderate the amount of inventory and sales of varieties, most of the best-selling brand; C is the surplus of other varieties, the category of inventory capital proportion is low, the majority of consumer brands.

combined with my actual sales, last year 5 in June before a cigarette varieties are soft, red wolf, red wolf, wolf of the soft hard box, Fujian lion, stock funds accounted for 62%, with the ABC method, the category and the majority of brands occupy a larger fund for high-grade cigarette. July is the off-season, therefore, I am appropriate to reduce the inventory of class a cigarette. B cigarette were golden wolf, white wolf, wolf, lion, Huangmei pride, Hartmann, Gutian aloes boutique wolf, a product of the Mount Huangshan, red wolf, the proportion of stock funds in 33%.

combined with ABC method, I mainly through reasonable calculation of brand turnover number, grasp the tobacco companies supply to the trend of stock adjustment according to different sources, each time the quantity in the range within a certain number of master. C cigarette brand: Blue Wolf, peony, mellow, soft box Hartmann front door, the most popular brand category. I mainly do the following two aspects: one is the reasonable quantity according to the situation of cabinet brand; two is to be eliminated on cigarette varieties under the cabinet slow.

has a more scientific way to do a good job in the inventory of goods, which will be of great help to the further operation of the store. In short, after trying the new method, the cigarette stock funds from the original 4000 yuan 3500 yuan less than in control, each save 500 yuan of liquidity, there are sufficient funds for electronic settlement, increase the star star score increased from 3A5 to 4A6; at the same time, the cigarette cigarette inventory reduction, reduce inventory space, the original inventory location to him with a cigarette.

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