Wuhan 90 stall brother debt of 5 million the ultimate success of entrepreneurship

in many of the student entrepreneurs, there are some relatively successful, especially in the domestic business environment is very good now, the state has adopted many policies to help college students in Wuhan, the stall brother to our interpretation of a successful entrepreneurial experience.

2009 years, in Wuhan read freshman Fu Wenjie started a business. From the rural areas, no resources, no money, he started from a street vendor selling pot.

from their own go to the flower wholesale market to sell, to form a team to stall later placed in various colleges and universities, Fu Wenjie in the process, not only the accumulation of the first pot of gold, but also gain a group of like-minded entrepreneurs buddy.

When the

season selling umbrellas, usually also not idle. Initial stage, pay and other 4 boys and girls together to open the Taobao women’s clothing, franchise OL style women’s clothing. After a number of setbacks, Taobao store annual turnover of over 3 million, the best time, a day profit of $100 thousand.

"thanks to high school principal and a real estate funds to help, and entrepreneurial partners never abandon." Today, Fu has been able to face the situation.

"to borrow money leveraging, good hand, play out in the most suitable time."   Fu Wenjie said, this is he recommended

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