Tea stores need to be opened up

tea is a lot of friends can not be separated from the daily, many friends have the habit of drinking tea. So, if you open a tea shop, how to open up? Xiao Bian for us to do a detailed introduction, I hope you can help.

Trick 1: use the decoration of

tea brand store in the decoration process often takes half a month’s time, and in this period of the decoration process, the franchisee can do a large printing conspicuous, or make a temporary advertising, or brace banners show that range opened time and so on, to use these methods, can play good publicity.

Trick 2: use the weekend

weekend is a time to rest, a lot of people will go out shopping, usually at this time the flow of tea shops than usual much. Tea shop franchisee can be opened on Friday or Saturday, the use of the customer’s herd mentality, improve turnover rate, opening the first gun.

Trick 3: using


is to open the atmosphere, and the atmosphere can be manufactured by man. The franchisee can be opened when a large red arches, placed in front of the basket, the conditions allow, firecrackers and so on various methods for combustible tea brand stores opening up. At the same time can play graceful music to relax the mood of the customer, improve customer’s desire to buy, for the success of opening up.

generally, when the store opened the tea to join, join headquarters will also give some support, like the international chain of well-known tea brand Heron rock tea, in time to join business opened, will give customers a business package, the opening of the required supplies Lu rock tea headquarters will be ready for the franchisee, at the same time send professional expatriates to join in the shop. Such franchisors, franchisees can compare the worry and effort, but also with the help of the tea brand to enhance the visibility and influence for themselves.

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