Ming how to use the blog website promotion ultimate

using the blog website promotion has been all the more love promotion, blog with the chain, to Bo Yang station is a good choice, after my article share 500 blog address to use blog promotion friends to share a lot of can do outside the chain and blog website promotion. Today, the main thing is to talk about how to use blog to bring the actual flow of our website.

1: now the flow of blog Sina, Sohu, NetEase, QQ space, Baidu space, and is a good choice for the two level domain many people said to himself and to the promotion of the domain name as I think it does not matter. But the name must be related to their own website to promote. For example, I want to promote my Ming ‘s blog. Then I will take the name of the site to promote the name of the expert Ming’s personal space and so on, first of all to promote my personal brand, followed by the name of the attractive and identity. My goal is to learn the user’s website to promote friends.

2: stick with your new blog, you can write some and their website content related to the original and pseudo original articles to the blog, then you think it’s the best good article top. Then go to the Baidu hot list, which topic is hot on their own to write or copy some related articles to those blog to release. Because the article is easy to be recommended to the home page, the user through the search engine is also a big chance, but the article does not bring a link, it is said that Baidu and Google are not included with the link of the article. Visitors to see your article, if you are on the subject of interest, will see you blog articles. If your articles are good enough. Of course, we will go to your website to see the promotion.

3: go to some of the popular blog to leave a footprint, to leave a comment on the promotion website (it is not recommended to leave your site as easy to delete, and this link more search engine friendly harmful, of course, the amount of matter). Here does not recommend manpower to do, after all, is a physical activity, buy a step on each step of the software and mass message machine, the effect is better, but also some free of charge, but I’m afraid that the virus has not been used for free. Of course, it is best to be able to exchange with well-known bloggers to link, so that the effect is the best.

4: a lot of blog have the function of circle, add a few more and popularize website target crowd similar circle and a few more popular circles. Bowen inside the circle is easier than the home page is recommended, such as Sina circle PR are relatively high. Passing this PR is also a pretty good choice. There are a lot of blog have the function of the network can also be appropriate to use the.

5: Sina, Sohu, NetEase and other blog will recommend some good home page. These blogs are relatively large flow. Have the opportunity to go to the front always leave a comment and review the best bit value, the color is more conspicuous. This will be more attractive to see your comments, visit your blog. This effect is relatively good

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