A5 inventory Black NetEase Alipay Ctrip in May struck one after another encounter downtime

A5 (www.admin5.com) station network May 29th news, recently is how well-known websites one after another encounter unexpected situations can not be opened to provide services. The next Xiaobian inventory for you since May website downtime event


1, NetEase server paralyzed by the network attack for 9 hours

May 11th evening, NetEase a variety of games, services can not be used properly, there are rumors that the cause of the breakdown of NetEase building fire. Then the NetEase news client statement: Dear NetEase users, in late May 11, 2015 21, because the backbone network attacks, resulting in part of the NetEase’s service is temporarily unable to use normal, technicians are repairing, attention later notice specific repair time please, bring you inconvenience. NetEase building on the news of the fire rumors, NetEase reserves the right to pursue legal responsibility.

2, Alipay is now the network fault account can not log in   response:

fiber was dug

May 27th afternoon message, users in many areas reflect the emergence of Alipay network fault, account can not log in, but not to pay. At the same time, open the balance of treasure, the balance can not be displayed, the network can not only display links. Alipay then reply message said: as in Xiaoshan District of Hangzhou city fiber Waduan, resulting in the current small part of the user can not use the Alipay operators, Milo is repair, Alipay siege lion user request is urgent drainage to the other room, the affected users are gradually restored. Your financial security will not be affected. If the transaction information is not synchronized, the recovery will be restored after synchronization. Please rest assured.

3, Ctrip paralyzed for 12 hours   loss of over $12 million 777 thousand and 600

at 11:09 on May 28th, Ctrip’s official website and APP large area paralysis, not normal use. Until the evening 23:29, Ctrip official website and APP returned to normal. Ctrip technical investigation, confirmed that the incident was due to the wrong operation of employees, delete the execution code on the production server. According to Ctrip first quarter earnings data, Ctrip downtime losses for the average of $1 million 64 thousand and 800 per hour, with Ctrip the downtime of about 12 hours, the direct loss of more than $12 million 777 thousand and 600. Read more

4, eLong issued a statement saying that the official website has been repaired   fault; single return to normal

May 28th Ctrip suddenly appeared to visit the fault, then the official responded that the server was attacked, is an emergency repair. The top of the website to hang out notice then please visit elong. But the boat is missing even the rain, and now the most powerful Ctrip Ctrip small partner elong also hang up! There are users to reflect elong also encountered problems, the official website

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