CN domain name in the end who is not allowed to register

in a period of time, the domain name ".Cn" reports from time to time in the network, CNNIC ".Cn" domain name registration number more than 5 million, the world has become the mainstream of the domain name domain name forefront, and immensely proud exultation, has no personal CNNIC registered ".CN" domain name query, anger.

The author is a domain name:

is not registered, do not want to face the risk of being deleted may happen in the future. Died as the Chinese people can not register.CN domain name after the heart, has been thinking: CNNIC why is not allowed to register?
with this question, the author visited the CNNIC website, if found with this content, the original, as early as four years ago in 2003 of May, CNNIC had been engaged in a "personal domain policy research topic, on the afternoon of April 1, 2003, CNNIC had invited leading experts of CCPIT Arbitration Center China, Academy of Social Sciences, Beijing second intermediate people’s court and the Beijing high court, the Supreme People’s court, the Haidian court, the General Administration of press and publication, Ministry of information industry, the Ministry of public security and the State Trademark Bureau on the opening of personal domain problem of discussion.
"finally a summary of the discussion is" should open personal.CN domain name registration, the results of the survey is the "most users want to open personal domain".

, pondering if bitter looking, I finally found the answer, that is "not allowed" policy.

according to the meaning of the CNNIC website, this "policy" clearly refers to the policy of the Ministry of information industry. "The fact is how hard ah, CNNIC ah, commissioned by the Ministry of information industry, the views of the users have learned, experts also invited to discuss, study data open to individuals around the world registered domain name here.

"material" in there, don’t let you put registered by the Ministry of information industry.

only CNNIC side of the word, is not enough to understand the essence of the problem. It is necessary to understand the intention of the Ministry of information industry. The Ministry of information industry, the most direct way is the Ministry of information industry

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