Comparison of 779 exchange chain and Tanabata exchange chain

registered 779 exchange chain and the Qixi Festival exchange chain of the two flow exchange alliance and at the same site in turn over a period of time hanging code, write down the two exchange chain comparison and characteristics, for your reference.


two alliance are on edge and seduce the pictures and text to attract click. Suitable for entertainment, video site.

779 exchange chain from Baidu search than 7C exchange chain to more.

from the price point of view, the 779 trading platform of the unit price index is 2, while the Tanabata exchange chain is about 2.4.

statistics from the point of view, the Tanabata exchange chain to click on the statistics to see some of the details of the site can be seen on the exchange of the official statistics on the introduction of statistical methods.

from the stability point of view, the Qixi Festival exchange chain no 779 stable, but the Qixi Festival exchange chain will often purchase official measures to compensate the server occasionally up fairly good.

from the point of view of income, Tanabata exchange chain is more comprehensive than the 779 exchange chain. I test the effect, of course, does not guarantee the effectiveness of each site.

current flow exchange alliance a lot, the 779 exchange chain is through my search engine to dig out some of the search, and Tanabata exchange chain is to look at other sites excavated. Many of the other traffic exchange alliance did not do too much credibility and the new price, the amount of security is not guaranteed, there is no sense of trust.

temporarily write so much, it is recommended or Tanabata exchange chain.

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