24 ticket website QingDao Railway Station editor was dismissed by layoffs winter 6

this winter is becoming the winter of the group buying industry. November 14th, the domestic well-known website 24 ticket QingDao Railway Station, the text of the collective resignation of 6 editors. In fact, since September, Wo Wo Group and many other group purchase site into mass layoffs withdrawal station storm, group purchase website through layoffs to spend the winter.

6 text editors collective resignation

hesitated for nearly a month, 14 PM, the text of the text of the group buying site QingDao Railway Station editor Miss Zhang finally completed the resignation of. Miss Zhang told reporters, 14, QingDao Railway Station all the text of the collective resignation of the 6 editors.

in fact, as early as October 20th, Miss Zhang received the news may be dismissed. "On the 20 day of last month, the headquarters of Beijing sent people, with the text editor of the QingDao Railway Station, said that the editors of various local stations are going to work in Beijing." Miss Zhang told reporters, rumored to cut many people, the QingDao Railway Station text editor to withdraw, not to go to Beijing you will be dismissed.

8, the company’s chief operating officer Peng Lei an e-mail so that they will be determined to dismiss the idea. "At that time, introduced a new principle of wage payment, in October less than 4000 of the wages paid in accordance with the actual wage higher than 4000 according to the 4000 issue, and subsidies are no longer in the form of cash payment, but directly to employees in the group purchase website account, for the consumer group purchase." Miss Zhang said that until now there is no money inside her account.

10, QingDao Railway Station, the text editor was asked to resign, and within the next two weeks to complete the handover work. We decided to discuss the text of a few words in 14 collective resignation." Miss Zhang said.

buy site through layoffs winter

15 pm, the reporter contacted the chief operating officer of the 24 tickets Peng Lei, he told reporters that the company is out of the need to optimize staff layoffs. "We are all in the local station optimization." Peng Lei said that the company will negotiate with each employee, I hope to meet the requirements of each employee." Peng Lei said, whether it is October payroll system or the company layoffs, in order to alleviate the temporary financial pressure.

24 coupons CEO Du Yinan an e-mail to all employees said, October salary policy, not a perfect approach, but I hope to be able to protect the 24 person ticket the basic cost of living, to go through this special period. He believes that November is crucial to the survival and development of the company. Du Yinan wrote in the mail: in this special month, the difficulties will be tested in all directions from the bottom line of our lives. I hope you can give us some time to settle the company’s settlement. This period of time, can stand, I hope you can get through with this 24 tickets. If not, I respect each of you. 24 coupons issue is just the tip of the iceberg, reflecting the plight of the whole group buying industry. The media had previously reported that Wo Wo Group, Gaopeng began a large-scale layoffs.

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