Baidu appointed Lu Qi as president and COO is responsible for product technology

Baidu today announced the appointment of Lu Qi as president and chief operating officer of Baidu group. Lu Qi will be responsible for Baidu’s products, technology, sales and marketing operations.

Baidu Group Chairman and CEO Robin Li said, very pleased to be invited to Dr. Lu Qi joining Baidu, Qi Lu is the prestigious outstanding management talent in the global technology sector, has also been the most senior Chinese executives in the US technology giant. He has a wealth of management experience, excellent technical insight and excellent team leadership, at the same time, Lu Qi or artificial intelligence in the field of world-class technical authority.

"now, Baidu has decided to artificial intelligence as the most important strategic direction of the company in the coming ten years, and to the floor of this strategy will need to continue to attract world-class talent, Lu Qi join will greatly ensure the smooth implementation of the strategy." Robin Li said.

Lu Qi after joining Baidu, Baidu existing business group and responsible person will report directly to Lu Qi, including artificial intelligence search technology group company president Xiang Hailong, Zhang Yaqin, technology system and the emerging business group president Zhu Guangxie as senior vice president of financial business group, senior vice president of Wang Jin with unmanned division and chief scientist Wu Enda lead, and Lu Qi will be to Baidu group CEO Robin Li report.

President and chief operating officer Lu Qi

‘s new Baidu group said, "I am very happy to have Mr. Robin Li and invited to join Baidu, Baidu is the most widely used technology in the field of artificial intelligence Chinese layout, technical strength and even worldwide, Baidu is also in the forefront."

is reported that Lu Qi graduated from Fudan University, Bachelor of Science in computer science, master’s degree, in 1998 to join the Yahoo Corp, in 2007 was promoted to executive vice president of YAHOO. August 2008, Lu Qi left YAHOO, and in the following year in January officially joined Microsoft as president of network services group, in 2013 as the global executive vice president of Microsoft group.

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