Average profit margin 5 5% pharmaceutical electricity supplier is still difficult to profit

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pharmaceutical electricity supplier has not yet solved the problem of profitability

recently, the State Food and Drug Administration Southern medicine economic research institute director Lin Jianning said at the twenty-eighth National Conference on medicine economic information, pharmaceutical electricity supplier is expected to last average gross margin was 17.6%, the average cost rate of 23.1%, calculated average profit rate of -5.5%.

, according to the daily economic news reporter, although most of the electricity supplier did not crack the profitability of the problem, but the enthusiasm of pharmaceutical companies to explore online pharmacies unabated. State Food and Drug Administration database latest data show that a total of 598 pharmaceutical companies have a license to sell drugs online, an increase of more than 69 by the end of last year.

Guangdong is a medium-sized pharmacy chain general manager told reporters frankly, pharmaceutical net sales is an inevitable trend, we are not talking about the current profit problem, but how to gain a foothold in this round of the new model.

online pharmacies serious loss of

November 24th, Ali Health announced a total of 6 months as of September 30, 2016 interim results, revenue of $55 million, an increase of 220%, attributable to the parent company has a loss of about $102 million.

in fact, Ali’s loss of health is just a microcosm of the pharmaceutical electricity supplier collective situation. Reporters from the State Food and Drug Administration database query, as of November 27th, a total of 598 pharmaceutical companies access to Internet drug transaction qualifications, the number of the end of last year was 529. But the real profit of only a few.

According to the

part of the listed companies, the pharmaceutical business revenue data, 1~6 months of this year, Tai Tong (002433, SZ) owned by Kang’ai with revenues of 641 million yuan, net profit of 7 million 210 thousand yuan in the first row; Kyushu (600998, SH)’s good pharmacist net profit of 4 million 790 thousand yuan. In the 9 listed companies to invest or control the pharmaceutical electricity supplier, only 5 to achieve profitability, the scale of one million level.

, the number of pharmaceutical companies in the first few years of continuous losses from the beginning of the gradual realization of profitability, but there is a long distance from the scale of pharmaceutical electricity supplier profitability." General manager of the aforementioned pharmacy, said the current pharmaceutical electricity supplier has not yet established a sustainable, replicable profit model, the national third party platform to stop the pharmaceutical retail business also has an impact on the industry.

Lin Jianning believes that the main reason for the pharmaceutical business losses increase has the following reasons: one is the participation of enterprises increased, excessive competition led to the industry gross margin decline; two is the net sales of prescription drugs policy has not yet been released, the pharmaceutical business cannot get the drug retail share occupy half of the country’s three Medicare prescription drug market; pay no breakthrough.

in spite of this, but Lin Jianning still believes that the next step should attach great importance to the development of pharmaceutical electricity supplier, do not underestimate the impact of electricity providers on the physical pharmacy.

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