Aliexpress threshold access fee of 50 thousand open category wig syndrome


] August 28th news billion state power network, the day before, cross-border business platform aliexpress investment standard set for the wig category, will improve the wig industry access threshold.

aliexpress announced that, in order to purify the human hair market, enhance the consumer in aliexpress platform to buy human hair with confidence, the perfect platform for "wig and surrounding > identified human hair category merchants association. The identification of human hair category will implement the annual business system, starting from December 1st of each year, and the seller merchants settled in next year’s renewal.


investment rules explicitly pointed out that human hair category sellers need to provide the qualified content identification certificate, and the need to pay 50 thousand yuan, and each enterprise in aliexpress can only open to a class of human hair in authority.

aliexpress pointed out that 50 thousand yuan is belongs to the technical service fee platform, in order to encourage sellers to improve service quality and sales aliexpress in natural year cycle assessment of the seller, the favorable rate reached 90% and above and the annual sales reached the standard or will return all or part of the annual fee.

According to

billion state power network understanding, aliexpress, human hair category seller annual sales reached $120 thousand more than the 100% return fee, annual sales of more than $60 thousand will return 70% of the annual fee, annual sales of less than $60 thousand annual fee is not refunded. At the same time, the 2014 after the end of the year, if the seller can return the renewed success, the 2014 annual fee will be automatically included in the 2015 annual fee payable, in part by the lack of the seller before February 1, 2015 or as a complement to exit the category.

in this regard, many sellers expressed their opinions to the billion state power network. The seller has pointed out that the development trend of wig industry to sell through the platform in speed very well, improve the wig category settled threshold description of the industry focus on deepening platform, gradually standardize the industry order, can not shield some strength, the quality of goods and services is not up to the canteen, give more opportunities for high-quality sellers.

however, the aliexpress human hair category access standard protested and questioned the voice of a few. Many sellers said, the rules presented in the human hair identification certificate is a virtual standard, very easy to cheat, also can not guarantee the authenticity of products, and 50 thousand dollars this provision is indeed a "despot clause".


annual return policy is just a face job, small sellers can not reach the requirements on the loss of the cost, big sellers meet the requirements are automatically included in the next annual cost, still have to complete. This money is you. The platform will be charged 5% commission orders, the so-called technical service fee is disguised increase charges." Sellers Tucao road.

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