Google released the 2012 search hot list Style Jiangnan finalists

Google announced the 2012 annual global hot search keywords Google Zeitgeist


technology news Beijing time on December 12th evening news, Google announced the 2012 annual global popular search keywords ranking Google Zeitgeist, from the hot events of 2012 people a unique perspective of the interpretation of concern and social trends. In this year’s popular search keywords, superstar Whitney · Houston (Whitney Houston), South Style, hurricane Sandy, iPad 3 and Diablo 3 in annual global fastest rising search keywords before five.

Zeitgeist is a German word, meaning "spirit of the times", which can be reflected in the collection of billions of search queries received by Google every day. Since the beginning of 2001 at the end of the year, Google will organize the search records, aggregated into an annual report, including hot topics in various fields in the political and current affairs, culture, sports, science and technology, called Google Zeitgeist. Its purpose is to review the past and let people know all the hot events that happened in the past.

This year’s

search list from more than and 50 countries around the world (and regions) of the popular search keywords, there are more than more than and 800 theme list — from Brazil to search the top tourist attractions in Australia, the most popular, the most popular Japanese technology products and so on.

global superstar Whitney · Houston holds a number of countries and regions and ranked three in a list of keywords, the fastest rise in the top list of keywords — her unexpected death to fans around the world shocked.

in Korea, PSY’s "Gangnam Style" caused a sensation in the YouTube, the iconic dance like a storm swept across the world, enabling him to occupy the hits rankings in many countries and regions, but also to his song in 2012 the fastest rising search list ranked second.

last year, apple dominated the list of all kinds of science and technology, the world’s fastest rising search list also occupy three seats. In the 2011 list, iPhone 5 ranked sixth, Jobs ranked in the top, iPad ranked tenth. But this year only iPad 3 on the list, ranked fourth.

Austria skydiver Felix · Baumgartner (Felix Baumgartner) that is the free fall as the acme of perfection "shock jump" made him become a hot search figure this year ranked sixth in the world; the 2012 London Olympic Games and the Olympic athletes has become a hot search almost every country. In addition, NBA player Jeremy Lin is also the world’s fastest rising athletes list >

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