The network encountered financing problems ask the bank loan amount Taobao crown

can you tell me a Taobao crown shop in you can borrow much money? "Yesterday in Hangzhou held the 2012 Conference on network operators, a business representative to the local banking sector. "Beauty", so many network operators from the grassroots to grow into a star, but also the pain of funds "- many network operators due to a shortage of funds and stagnant.

e-businessmen sigh

Tucao difficult financing experience

founder Zhang Linlin eland shop, known as the "king of scarf", 2008 Taobao business, "the desire for money is a little shop with the increase of year venture is usually in residential buildings, a few computer, in the eyes of the bank, this is simply a black Internet bar, how could lend me the money?" said Zhang Linlin, finally had to talk to friends and relatives together to solve the problem of shortage of funds. "The shop is now gradually become larger, while the demand for funds before not urgent, but still hope that the bank can timely assistance."

Zhang Linlin is a national network to have millions of confused confusion, AUX flagship store manager Yao Bibo also Tucao his difficult financing experience, he once hailun million people online group purchase air conditioning activities, the demand for funds is 20 million yuan, and finally had to rely on individuals and businesses to solve their own. "If the relationship between banks and network compared to love, you have to give the bank an opportunity for banks to understand you slowly, when the enterprise just has development, going to the bank to understand communication, don’t wait for the time to spend money to go to the bank immediately." China Agricultural Bank Zhejiang Branch Sales Department Deputy General Manager Chen Jiewei said, small network operators can find some third party mortgage.

electricity supplier data

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financing into the token of love


"I put all of the goods are placed in the" Taobao logistics treasure "in the warehouse, which can be used as a warehouse receipt financing vouchers?" said Yao Bibo, asymmetric information and data, and let the bank network this love talk very hard.


(China) Co. Ltd. Hangzhou branch history Boyang said yesterday, produced in the electronic channel data, as a supplement to the personal credit information system, can help to judge the bank. Many network operators called: "hope Alibaba to become the best matchmaker between network operators and banks."

in fact, the emergence of e-commerce has brought revolutionary changes to SMEs to obtain loans. "A large amount of network data from e-commerce can be directly used to assess the risk of small business." Alibaba group Alibaba financial relevant responsible person said, the importance of data, rather than relying solely on guarantees or collateral to reduce Small and micro businesses financing threshold, also let the small micro enterprise credit accumulated in the electronic business platform value will be presented, "Ali financial I also try, that day I gave the application. Me 10 thousand dollars." Yao Bibo said.

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