Survey of nternet writer group state the income may be only 10%

London April 18th news: Recently, the network of female writers "25 year old Qing Jun" suddenly died, caused no small vibration in the society. Although the female writers of the deceased was confirmed, and her personal physique is the case, but the "Internet writer" the hidden behind the reading terminal groups in a variety of networks, suddenly pushed to the spotlight.


has more people achieve success and win recognition, but the Internet writer had a low social status, rights protection, is chasing the curse, every day the reader desk code, and so we may only bear pressure thousand 20 yuan cap royalties.

According to a

owns a number of network literature website statistics, at present our country literature original site about 100, hundreds of thousands of Internet writer, and more and more people are trying to join the market gradually expanding industry.

does not update the reader on a day scolded

"green Kwan said the friend," she died before writing all night, not a few days in the sun. Internet writer day is really so hard? Served as a literary website editor of the "Crazy Horse" (net), Internet writer is the greatest pain every day thousands of code word. A major feature of the novel is to write network must be updated every day, one day does not update the reader will send comments squalling, two days not update a large number of readers will be lost, turn to look at other people’s stories. Update the words also cannot little, a few thousand words, while more than words, to help readers grasp the lack of patience of the eye. Even a writer, such as "God class writers Zhang Wei, the name" Tang three little, every day must also write 1 words. "The west" writer said, when he wrote the most bitter, only half a month to go out once a month to go buy a necessities of life, sometimes one day to write twenty thousand or thirty thousand words.

industry insiders said, because of the need to spend a lot of energy, Internet writer is a bowl of "Youth", mainly concentrated in the age 18-35 years old, more than 40 year old little writer.

however, the "Crazy Horse", the writers life had not imagined people so dark. Network novel is a fast-food culture, and spread the literature grade almost, readers with migrant workers, students and young white-collar, see the network’s purpose is to pass the time, they are not what requirements on the level of text, see is a story. "The story of their own routines, skilled writers open the computer to sit down, write 6000 words 3 hours to fix." "Cry Sen said," the writers scrape words very easy, two people fight, you move me in, let them play for a while, a thousand words will be nothing difficult.

and, most Internet writer is part-time, do not rely on this to earn money for the family.

may have a revenue of only 10%

"really hard to write before the head." Crazy horse, every day more than words won’t get much money.

although the network novel site "start Chinese network" has claimed that the site has been born 10 years >

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