The spread of distorted history national history information of 133 WeChat public number is closed


Times News (reporter Liu Xueyu) the day before, the national Internet Information Office, according to law, this is not the history of "133 spread distorted history national history information on the WeChat public account, and will increase the network of law enforcement, thorough investigation of the outstanding problems of instant communication tool users reflect strong platform.

National Network Information Office official said, according to the report users, the WeChat platform in a number of public accounts to "secret" and "truth" as a gimmick, under the banner of "you don’t know the history", "this is history", "I know the history of the banner, fabricating facts, distort history. Confuse the public, wantonly spread distorted history national history and other illegal and harmful information, call severely punished. National network information office immediately launched an investigation, according to the law closed 133 related WeChat public accounts.

the official pointed out that "WeChat ten" clearly, instant communication tool users should promise to abide by laws and regulations, the socialist system, national interests and the legitimate rights and interests of citizens, public order, social morality and authenticity of information, such as the "seven line". The dissemination of information to distort history national history of illegal behavior, break the bottom line, in violation of socialist core values, the law enforcement departments should be severely dealt with according to law.

Internet Illegal and bad information reporting center received a report call is 12377, the report website report mailbox [email protected]

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