Talking about the location of WEB2 0 Era

has been talking about the WEB2.0 revolution for a long time, and the network bubble is the source of deeper. Beyond those conceptual terms, there is no denying the fact that the Internet is getting fatter and fatter. However, the new site is still being added, no point how to survive? In the six years has been engaged in web design, behind the scenes workers belonging to the Internet, so as to see more sites of ups and downs, also often see the webmaster helpless. Often a good start is half the success of the site on the positioning of thinking, I put the experience of the predecessors and their own ideas are listed in the column, I hope you come together to discuss the discussion.

a, personality interaction:

WEB2.0 wave is indeed a lot of impact on the entire network, the most obvious difference is the interaction and personalization trend is becoming increasingly apparent. Before the mainstream is the administrator of the information released to everyone to see, and now is a popular show and exchange between members. A large part of the network is the role of the media, and television, newspapers and other media is strong in the interactive, and this part of the practice can be ever-changing, the potential is endless.

two, dedicated professional:

a lot of people are saying, but most people can’t do it. This is the basic mentality of the problem, the Internet seems to be a miracle in particular, so easy to cause a grandiose mentality. Like what to do, we are staring at the future of the hundreds of billions of market. In fact, a little estimate of what you know, successful examples of this type are not many examples of what industry flourishes are particularly vulnerable to the spread of Internet only. So when you need to think about what you want to do, at least persevere, do fine do such a theory is where applicable.

three, adhere to the original

the lack of information on the Internet era is gone, and now the trouble is repeated information, spam is too much. So a new site out, the biggest feature is to have their own original things. From a simple forum post, to publish articles, pictures and music, video, and so on, we are rushing to the original content of the original author to. From this perspective, the site can imitate but certainly can not give up the original.

four, promote cooperation

this, theoretically is nothing but good things, but in practice it is a double-edged sword, not a good attitude and reasonable standard is easy to fail. On the site, it should be considered to promote cooperation between users, which is more viscous than the exchange platform.

five, under the integrated line

this can also be understood as people-oriented, the network is virtual, serving the real life of the real people. When thinking about the positioning and development of the site, think about how online and offline interaction and integration. On the one hand, the Internet is something more closely integrated with the usual life, the other is the convenience of those traditional people accustomed to doing things under the line

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