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A5 webmaster network (www.admin5.com) April 2nd news, on April Fool’s Day thunder announced plans to sell 130 million yuan price of its video business Thunder KanKan to Beijing ring nest international media Limited by Share Ltd. Thunder KanKan Shenzhen thunder’s video site, held in November 23, 2012 2013 strategic conference, officially announced the beginning of independent operations.

nesound international is a collection of film planning, investment, production and distribution, new media, artists brokers and advertising marketing business as one of the major professional film and television companies, with strong capital, professional strength and extensive business relationship creation. The company has a large number of filming and production of high ratings, film and television works, including "ugly invincible", "Yong Zheng Dynasty", "Qianlong Dynasty", "to the Republic", "qiatonghuashaonian" etc..

thunder that stripping Thunder KanKan and thunder attention to simplify the existing non core and non profit business, put enough attention to the management and implementation of mobile crystal plan strategy the company’s new strategy is consistent.

in fact, this is not the first time the thunder "open sell". As early as 2012, under the pressure of copyright issues, after the listing of the frustration of the thunder shut down its dog search. Second years, a Chengdu company took the children from the hands of the thunder, "full of blood resurrection". For the thunder, the video business is not the focus of business. In the video industry, Iqiyi music, Youku potatoes and PPTV big game player, Thunder KanKan is not technically outdated, but in the accumulation and development of copyright operation obviously do not have what advantage.

also has the media believes that the sale of Thunder KanKan thunder is completely get rid of the burden of the move, the reason is because of the continued net net action, to the end of 2014, the thunder has been allowed to suspend for approximately 350 thousand existing subscribers of the subscription service, and the service charge is the core of the main business of thunder, the thunder weak stock market.   on the other hand, the U.S. market for Chinese video business bearish, video business has already become negative assets of thunder. Processing video assets has long been a consensus among the thunder investors.

later, Thunder KanKan issued a statement: "the entire video industry has reached a white hot stage, the search for the money and the content combination is an irreversible trend, so to make the decision to sell." In addition, Thunder KanKan stressed that the current business relationship between Thunder KanKan and thunder remain unchanged, Thunder KanKan daily work to maintain a stable and orderly manner. Thunder side pointed out that the divestiture of Thunder KanKan in line with the company’s strategic focus, that is, to streamline the existing non-profit non core business, after the completion of the sale, the thunder will transition from the traditional PC business for mobile Internet Co.

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