Fourth weeks in April the U S COM domain name negative growth of 71 thousand QoQ decline

IDC Review Network ( reported on May 4th: according to the domain name statistics agency data, in the fourth week of April, the United States.COM domain total negative growth of 71546, a decline in the top 10 countries is the largest. While China continues to grow steadily, a net increase of 32007, the existing 6851138.COM domain name. Below, please see the detailed data analysis.


(Figure 1) in the fourth week of April the world’s total number of.COM domain name list TOP10

according to figure 1, in the fourth week of April, ranking the world’s countries.COM domain names are: the United States, Germany, Britain, China, Canada, France, Japan, the Cayman Islands, Australia, spain. Last week, ranking no change, is still the United States alone.


(Figure 2) in the fourth week of April the world’s total number of.COM domain name list TOP10

observation Figure 2, IDC review network found in the April fourth weeks, the United States of the.COM domain name of the total decline has reached the figure of 5, a decrease of 71546, last week, a significant increase. Canada’s negative growth approaching 10 thousand, a decrease of 9915, last week, the decline has decreased. In France, the Cayman Islands, Australia, Spain also experienced negative growth, and the decline was 4 digits.

China, Germany, the United Kingdom, Japan, the total number of.COM domain names on the contrary, in the fourth week of April continue to maintain an upward trend. Among them, China’s total.COM domain name increased to 6851138, the chain rose last week, although it has become smaller, but the net growth is still up to 32007, higher than the rest of the 3 countries. Japan’s rise was ranked second, a net increase of 4687, the existing.COM domain name of 1891556.

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