Flying meditation through the task China successfully signed sentimental memories

It is reported that the

reporter, "Yuan Xiang thought" in June 28, 2008 the successful signing of legal education film "green acerbity memory" Fujian marketing consulting services, advisory services for a period of 4 months.

June 20th, "green acerbity memory" the Fujian total authorization exhibitors shadow inferior Media Co. Ltd. in the task Chinese business services ( is found in "Yuan Xiang thought" studio (, the two sides through full communication, in June 28, 2008 successfully signed.

"sentimental memory" on the morning of May 31, 2007 at the Beijing Premiere of the Great Hall of the people, it is the national 8 ministries jointly below recommended to the network as the starting point of public educational films. Influence of sub media limited company is "sentimental memories" of the film in Fujian total authorized exhibitors, authorized exclusive screening in Fujian province.

is the best educational film to achieve its educational significance, effective operation of Fujian around the city on the market, shadow sub Media Co. Ltd. in Fuzhou has approached a number of local marketing planning company, but has not found the right partner. In June 20, 2008, the shadow sub Media Co. Ltd. in the task China commercial service channel found "Yuanxiang meditation", the two sides reached a preliminary cooperation intention through online communication.

June 27, 2008, shadow sub media Limited invitation "Yuan Xiang thought" one consultant Ge Zhigang, from Ji’nan to Fuzhou to discuss cooperation. With the shadow Media Co., Ltd., the two shareholders of Zhu Zonghe in-depth exchange of the two sides, the two sides reached a consensus of intent, the final contract in successfully signed in June 28th.

is a professional management consulting agencies, "Yuan Xiang thought" ( by the former cultural communication center and financial capacity planning studio together. Currently, the team has signed up to join a number of senior consultants, including Bai Lixin, Sun Feng, is the core of the team’s senior consultant of the division of the company, and the company has a number of senior consultants, such as.


left: "Yuan Xiang thought" team member Ge Zhigang: right inferior medium Deputy General Zhu Xi Mr.



The agreement

shadow sub Media Co., and "Yuan Xiang thinking"


"green acerbity memory" posters

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