Where rumors continue to choose which PPTV marriage

last year and this year, the Internet video industry’s two marriage concern, one is to marry Youku potatoes door, the other one is for Iqiyi PPS, after the two piles of big acquisitions, the video industry to make the capital qualifying, another giant PPTV the video industry also began to own the future. Is an independent development, or to seek giant acquisitions, is to adhere to the original strategy, or to seek a new breakthrough, which has become the key to determine the future development of PPTV and the entire video industry trend. About the acquisition of PPTV, the brightest giants are also planned for a long time, after all, the video industry both for the competition for the mobile Internet entrance, or occupy the living room entertainment oriented, or enhance the competitiveness of the media, has played a significant role. Who can get PPTV, will set off a new round of investment in the field of video hot.

the abacus

recently acquired rumors about PPTV has not been broken waves, from the Sohu, Suning, Ali and to the joint acquisition of Hunan satellite TV, a buyer has surfaced, but it seems that everyone has reason to buy PPTV, who are likely to buy PPTV.

from the video again from the Zhang Zhaoyang force Sohu, Sohu currently can be seen on the video in the entertainment and media in the whole development strategy of value. In the Chinese Internet Conference, Zhang Zhaoyang also said that the Sohu is a media company with gene, media is now the media image has become an important application stage, so the Sohu must do video, video and video is very advanced, if the Sohu is not successful, the company’s profitability will be particularly bad, if the Sohu the video has become a profit center, not only the general media, we dream for people’s entertainment on the realization of the mission. But Zhang Zhaoyang also said the current video Sohu, if you want to get the explosive growth, the most important thing is not the acquisition of. In the Chinese Internet Conference, the host Zhang Zhaoyang said the Tencent will slip video CEO, Zhou Hongyi also said it was not a slip of the tongue, Sohu and Tencent seem to have certain cooperative video, which also greatly reduces the possibility of Sohu to marry PPTV.

does Suning and PPTV approached, but from the recent Zhang Zhaoyang tone and Suning vice president Ren Jun the previous position, the deal is likely to have been lost. Although Suning has been trying to attempt to create the living room strategy "cloud providers, is also expected to acquire PPTV through the video industry chain will be the living room with Suning opened up, hope in the TV terminal, mobile phone terminal, PC terminal, the line stores and other multi angle contact of the user. From the point of view of PPTV advertising revenue, the electricity supplier has been the main source of advertising revenue. From the perspective of the acquisition, Suning is also very appropriate, but the problem is that the living room strategy Suning itself, but also the lack of payment, a number of key terminal tv.

Ali and Hunan TV joint acquisition is the last message, but also the most interesting. Sources pointed out that Alibaba group and Hunan TV will spend $400 million

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