Network advertising prices fell sharply in 2012 price cut site navigation


2012 Internet advertising price is difficult to grow several times brilliant last year.

, according to informed sources, the price of electric navigation website advertising last year rose 10 times this year, suffered a cut. The portal advertising rose from 50% last year fell to 15%. Chen Hu, vice president of music Amoy network said that the current Internet advertising prices are still dead.

navigation website advertising price was cut

"last year there have been a number of electricity providers to spend 5 million yuan a month to grab a navigation site station area (the top center home page text links at the recommended) advertising, the same position is reduced by 50% this year, is the last year of business capital hot money to blame." Informed sources told reporters. "Last year, navigation website advertising a hard to find, with the price of electricity supplier promotion needs to ship the water rose high amplitude up to ten times, standing area up to 2 million -300 advertising million yuan / month."

in addition to the price reduction, particularly recommended number of navigation site also appears narrow area. The reporters found that the hao123 navigation page greatly adjustment in the first day of 2012, the adjustment was offline customers up to 15, only 5 new customers on the line, at the same time, the first screen recommendation is also reduced from 42 to 36.

The number of

group purchase website executives told reporters, "last year in the group purchase website navigation industry who earn a lot of money, the group purchase website price compared to other industries generally higher than 4-5 times this year, this situation continues, however, as the group purchase capital chain contraction, just price is lower than".

navigation website reporter login found at hao123 navigation and 360 site navigation area only 25% stations is the electricity supplier website. The group purchase website only 2, namely meituan and handle network, and last year in many district site navigation station second tier electricity supplier’s name, the proportion is higher than the current 25%.


, 800 Group founder Hu Chen explained, "the one or two quarter of last year, the electricity supplier industry especially the group purchase with the VC finance, money of investment promotion has almost become a task. Can be said that the electricity supplier in the promotion of the rivalry, a time of Internet advertising will be priced to highs".

, in fact, the price of Internet advertising is followed by the electricity supplier, electricity providers to promote the demand for hot money, naturally raise prices, but there are few home appliance business financing. Internet advertising network advertising prices especially last year over reliance on electricity providers of capital (such as navigation website and vertical advertising operators), this year prices are able to escape the fate." Analysys International analyst Chen Shou send frankly.

portal advertising price clear up Anxiang

"if this year’s navigation site advertising price image to prove a" flash in the pan ", then the Internet portal advertising with its 15% growth in disguise its inability to maintain >

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