The hotel was closed against dianping com called malicious revenge

Hole Home Garden Hotel

normal business, in the name of "Google", "Baidu" web search engine at the top was published as "the merchant has closed or not included". The hotel owner later learned that the so-called business information was derived from and had himself in court there have been several So once again the public comment on the court. Yesterday, the case in Qingpu District Court hearing.

hotel said the other side is malicious revenge

from the beginning of July this year, the hotel’s garden hole have received a telephone consultation, ask if there is a shutdown? Abnormal ask guest, with decreased store traffic, caused the hotel management attention. After investigation found the hotel query in Google, Baidu, the first page information is displayed: the merchant has closed or not included. Information source for public comment.

hotel management at first thought it was just the other a system error, such as half a month after the discovery of this information remains the same, but the hotel business is affected by the. In desperation, the hotel to the relevant departments of the forensic evidence, and the public comment on the court, asking them to apologize publicly in the mainstream media, and claims operating losses of 1 yuan.

in the trial yesterday, Mr. Yang head hole garden, 4 years ago, they had not agreed to become a member of the paid by the defame, and each has 3 court. He thinks, the other is the occupancy of the repeat the stock tricks, cyber source, fabricating facts to slander intentionally.

website said the accident is not bright evidence

in the face of the plaintiff accused,’s lawyer has explained, "closed" information is the normal data adjustment in Web site maintenance in the process of the accident. The lawyer also said that every year the company website will be based on user comments to update information system data, hole garden in July "closed" sign is generated by the system.

when the judge asked: what kind of website is based on keywords and "automatically"? Can provide the automatic generation of similar hotel list? Website system data is updated every year? Update hole garden two years ago is the same? The lawyer failed to answer personally in court, after the court finally requested in writing reply to the court.

It is reported that

, the court will choose a sentencing.

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both sides of the "battle of words" course

2005, the public comment published "Shanghai Food Guide" book. Book on the hole in the home garden has gone to do not want to go to comment, the hole garden to slander infringement on the grounds of the public comment on the court, but ultimately lost.

at the end of 2005, the garden hole found in the public comment online netizen "old git" comment on hole garden, was to "the dead shameless!" as a comment, "

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