Luxury website painting rest store network purchasing supply chain confusion


China large luxury online shopping market demand, not easily because of a little wind sways grass website is to standardize business, the most pressing problem.

network purchasing and supply chain in confusion, or will repeat the mistakes of

group purchase

suspension notice has been posted. Due to business adjustment, NetEase is still the product will be closed at 24 on December 31, 2011, that is, since 0:00 on January 1, 2012, L.163.COM domain will stop providing the corresponding service." NetEase’s luxury online shopping mall "Netease Luxuries" only one year of operation, so abruptly at the end. Shortly after, once hailed as one of the ten major domestic luxury site Huha network also broke "on the infighting, 90% employees have resigned".


plot is similar to the story of "tear" luxury online shopping market red coat, network purchasing, supply chain management industry insider trader, revealed at a glance.

according to the research center of Qing Dynasty statistics, since 2010, China has been disclosed in the luxury e-commerce sites related to the total investment and financing of $529 million, with an average single investment of $25 million 210 thousand. The surface wave is the feast of the opening, capital, NetEase, Tencent, Jingdong, Sina, Taobao mall platform type sites are flocking to luxury online shopping even layout, Google also laicourenao.

actually, "Luxuries luxury mall is just a shell flow into, the supply of goods, logistics and other details of the trader by the network serves the best network, self luxury shopping site responsible for." Insiders Ma Lin (a pseudonym) told reporters in Nandu, now, insiders began a hot topic: China luxury websites will repeat the mistakes from the peak industry group purchase, quickly fell to the bottom?

call ha network, NetEase is still dangerous goods signal

in the past month, the call of the HA and Shang goods both the total exposure of luxury electricity providers, more than the sum of the previous year.

December 5, 2011, Huha network website discovered "my hard-earned money" Popup page, although a few hours after the site visit back to normal, but many products have the shelf. Abnormal operation site must have a reason, Huha network CEO Lian tingkai said the main reason is that the home page is the black company infighting, leadership turnover. Then, on the Huha network "on the verge of collapse, 90% employees have resigned" the news spread in the circle.

however, luxury online shopping market fiery, iResearch released industry report, 2011 China mainland luxury online shopping transaction size is expected to reach 10 billion 730 million yuan, to achieve annual growth of 68.8%. Huha network early failures clues did not prevent all capital layout luxury online shopping pace. At this point, the Jingdong launched a luxury mall recruit buyers, independent shopping site 360top; Taobao luxury mall force field, C cited in oach and other international goods.

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